Thursday, 15 December 2011

No paper to draw

I don't know how about you, but we have tons and tons of paper used just for drawing and writing activities. Every now and then I have to go through the pile of pictures of rainbows, butterflies, flowers etc. and throw them out to recycle bin. I'm trying to cut down our paper usage, but how to keep kids happy while still trying to keep environment happy too? Well, in the end, the solution was pretty easy and quite cheap. Yes, it does not have all the features as paper does, but for lazy older girls that don't feel like colouring their artwork, it is perfect. It is also enough even for our writing activities.

So what do we need?
  • Clear plastic pockets used for binders (if you are not sure what I mean, here is picture)
  • Dry erase marker (white board markers are quite strong and leave smudges, so I do not recommend those)
  • Tissue to clean up

I love these, because they are easy to clean and don't leave smudged surface like white boards. Younger kids can trace letters, shapes... well anything and from everything. With older kids you can have spelling, math and writing competitions. It is just as much fun as paper, except colouring part is a bit tricky here.

Here are some activities in action.

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