Saturday, 10 December 2011

Little treasure box aka pin storage

Pins are my pain. I'm hijabi and all my girls (except the youngest) are hijabi too. May God bless them. I wanted to store them some kind of nice and elegant way. I don't mind my sewing pins being in a pile, but pins I use I like to have a bit organised, so I don't end up with blue shala and one yellow and one pink pin, because blue pins are nowhere to be found. In the end I found a nice jewellery box that was turned into a pin storage. So here is a tip, how effectively store your pins.

Here is my very cheap treasure box. Of course you can use any kind of box.

I have placed inside a small cushion I made out of scrap material, followed by the pins organised by colour. I made the cushion a wee bit smaller, because some of my pins have chains on them, so the chains can fall in to the tiny gap at the back.

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