Friday, 9 December 2011

How to stop sucking thumb

Aah, sucking thumb, what a disaster. While they are babies it is really nice and easy tool, how to keep your kid a bit calm. However if you pass a year with a thumb, it is very hard to get rid of it. Two of my kids were thumb sucking. First one got rid of nigh-sucking on its own by the age of 8.I have tried everything with him. EVERYTHING.... in the end, it was his own will. Praise God.

But the other one... she is 8 now and even though she does not do it at all during the day for many years, she is not able to stop during the night. As for reasons... "there is a water coming to my mouth and I have to drink it by using the thumb..." Surprisingly both had the same excuse.

Anyways, our dentist insisted on terminating this bad habit. She told me that now it is only habit, uncontrollable habit. She is just doing it subconsciously, so there is nothing really I can do, except make sure, she is not able to bend her hand in the night. So I went for quest around our house, to find something suitable. I found a crisps (chips) box. Like the one from Pringles. I cut it short, made two holes, added yarn and safety pin.
Results? Well, we are still  working on it. Every time I took it off, she came back, so this time I'm sticking to a minimum of a week. But her teeth got much better as they have been trying to grow crooked.

So how does it work?
1. Get a suitable round box or make one from cardboard. Make one or two holes (you can use knife, scissors, screwdriver etc.) Put some yearn through, so you can attach the safety pin.

Place it on to the hand of your victim.

3. Secure it with the safety pin to the pyjamas. One side should be enough. If you need, secure in two different places and wish sweet dreams to your loved one.

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