Tuesday, 31 January 2012

3 Meatloaf tips

Perhaps everyone has made a meatloaf - minced meat shaped to a loaf and baked. Here are some of my tips from a meatloaf:

Increasing the amount
1. Take an older bread and soak it in water. Strain water well and add wet bread into your minced meat, blend with meat, egg, salt, herbs and spices well. It will soften the meaty taste and multiply your portions. You can substitute bread with breadcrumbs, but you will of course not soak these. Or to make a healthier choice, add some oats.

 To taste
2. Ketchup and mustard add a nice taste to the loaf. Also fresh herbs like coriander or thyme give kinda fresh taste to it.

3. If you want to make kids size portions, bake your minced meat in a muffin pan instead in the loaf pan. You can decorate each meat muffin with an olive in the center before baking and add a bit of cheese.

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