Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to defrost fish

There are many ways how to defrost fish. E.g. leaving it in its original packaging in the fridge, leaving it under running cold water for a while, leaving it in a fridge on a plate regularly removing excess water, microwaving them... Well, I have tried them all.

In the end, I have settled for a very simple and efficient way without any worries about fish swimming in a defrosting water, or actually cooking them in microwave instead of defrosting them.

So I take my pack of frozen fish and drop them into a strainer. Yes, plain old strainer you would use for your spaghetti or pasta.

If I'm going to leave fish over night to thaw, I place strainer into a casserole slightly larger so the bottom of strainer is not sitting all the way down. Cover with lid and place it on the bottom shelf of a fridge. This way all the defrosting water goes down to the casserole and does not stay on a fish.

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